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This is a letter of recommendation for Mark Wilcox and No-Slip Floors. I met Mark at an Able 6 meeting through our local Chamber of Commerce. I was interested in what he had to offer for our health club, Anytime Fitness. We have a tilled lobby that builds condensation on it periodically. To avoid any one from slipping and falling, I asked Mark if he could make our floors 'no-slip'. He came out that same morning and gave me a quote that the owner of my club and myself thought was more than reasonable.

Mark came out to our club a week later to do our floors. He was on time (actually early), got to work right away, and did an exceptional job not only on the floors but made sure it was convenient for my members to enter and exit the club as well. Mark also answered all my questions and made sure I had a thorough understanding for future maintenance. If you are concerned about yourself, family, employees, and/or customers on a slippery floor, I highly recommend Mark Wilcox and Wisconsin No Slip Floors!


Jamie Hardt
Anytime Fitness

Delafield, WI

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Wisconsin No Slip Floors

It's No Accident If You Can Prevent It!!!

Best Proven Processes that will Eliminate the Danger of Slippery Floors and Surfaces!

Protecting your family, friends and employees by reducing their risk of injury resulting from a slip-and-fall accident.  We treat...


Floors, Bathtubs, Showers, Pools, Decks -- basically if it gets slippery when wet we can help! 

Who Needs Slip Resistance Floors?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) require all public accommodations including restaurants, hotels, health spas, assisted living facilities, shopping centers, day care centers, theaters to provide walking surfaces of anti-slip type. We also serve residence with a slippery kitchen or bathroom floor, bathtub/shower, garage or walkway, stairs or basement.

Are wet slippery floors putting your business in jeopardy?

You are most likely on this website because you have a dangerous slippery floor situation. In today's litigious society you cannot afford negligence in regards to safety, and a no-slip floor is the only solution. The average slip/fall settlement approached the six figure range over a decade ago, and continues to be a monumental problem. Thus, having slip-resistant floors is no longer optional. Slippery floors are a liability you can no longer afford to ignore.

What can Wisconsin No Slip Floors do for you?

We can come to your location, evaluate your slippery floor situation, and provide you with one of our warranted no-slip solutions to provide you with the piece of mind knowing you just eliminated a big liability.

How long will this no-slip treatment last?

When properly maintained our Get A Grip HM treatments for tiled, concrete and other hard mineral surfaces, will last many years. We warrant all floors remain non-slip minimum two years from date of application. Proper maintenance requires no special equipment or products. If needed we do offer maintenance programs.


Take a look at a 30 second video the Canadian government put out to help educate and encourage businesses to do something about slippery floors.

Tiled floors are NOT supposed
to be slippery when wet!

What are the No Slip Advantages?

  • Provides your customers and employees Safety.
  • Improves employee moral. Increases efficiency.
  • Promotes customer service. Improves customer loyalty.
  • Creates a subconscious safe feeling for all.
  • Reduces Workman's Comp & Liability claims and premiums.
  • You will comply with Federal Mandates.
  • Provides piece of mind for the business owner.
  • All of which adds value to your business!
  • It's No Accident If You Can Prevent It!

We also offer a Decorative Concrete Countertop Overlays just because they are so cool!


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